IAN WEHRLE (Conductor, Keys) is an active composer, actor and collaborator on various music direction and sound design for theater. He can currently be seen starring as Jackie Mason in The Jackie Mason Musical at St. Luke's Theatre and is the founder of SoundAffectsdesign.com. He is credited at the Food Network, MTV, and FOX and is continually in development of new musicals and television music. He can be reached at info@soundaffectsdesign.com


ADAM SICA (Guitar) Electric Guitar. Has played in many bands including Emanon and Restitution over the past 20 years.  Meeting Ian in 2014, he was grateful to be asked to be part of Gilgamesh! A busker, dancer, B&B co-owner, and guitar teacher he's very excited to be a part of this show. 

ZAC SELISSEN (Guitar) Guitarist/composer/arranger, was awarded CMC Shenson Awards for his adaptation of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Ballet and his tango stage production, Malena as well as the Certificate of Honor for his performance at SF City Hall. Zac has performed in Skyfire with Barkin/Selissen Project and Hair with Secret Theatre NYC.

ENRIQUE MANCIA (Bass​) is a Honduran bass player currently living in NYC, where he actively performs while attending the prestigious New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. He has performed in major festivals throughout the country and recorded with award-winning producers from East to West Coast for several artists.

CHRIS BURNS (Drums) is a Brooklyn based multi-instrumentalist, and drummer for NYC indie group OxenFree. Over the past 15 years Christopher has played on numerous projects in the US and his native Australia, ranging in genre from acoustic to surf punk. http://www.thisisoxenfree.com/

NORIKO SUNAMOTO (Keys) Music director, composer, arranger, orchestrator and pianist from Japan.  Noriko has performed in Mamma Mia!, The Phantom of the Opera, Wicked and Disney productions. Currently, Noriko works for several Off-Broadway musicals including The Jackie Mason Musical. She would like to thank Ian and all the Gilgamesh Family.